The Time of Angels

Another Rory-less episode arc!  Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.  I mean, Amy is getting married in the morning…  And by morning, I mean a couple adventures from now…

This episode and the next just confirm what I already knew from before: that the Weeping Angels are super creepy.

The Doctor and Amy are at a museum – boring right?  Except they find a black box-like device from a ship that has written on it in Old High Gallifrean (love the reference to Historical Germanic Linguistics here) “Hello sweetie.”  Of course it’s from River Song, who was illicitly on a spaceship and leaves him a little message of where and when in space and time to save her, as she’s jumping off of the spaceship.  They get there just in the nick of time to see the spaceship crash on a totally uninhabited planet.  And a bunch of soldiers come along for backup, except they’re clerics because what else would the church be doing in the future than join in a war?  Sacred Bob is definitely my favorite character in this…

Anyway, they learn a bit more about the Angels, who have taken over the caves, including “whatever holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel.”  Also, “the eyes are not the windows to the soul, they are the doors.”  Awesome.

Especially because they decided to put a video of an angel on a loop and leave Amy with it inside of an impenetrable piece of the spaceship. So, while she’s hanging out in there getting increasingly freaked out by the angel, everyone leaves and the angel decides to lock her in.  Also, the angel in the video loop starts moving around when no one’s looking.


Then it makes it outside of the video and becomes video angel!


Yeah, no fun…  Also, Amy says something I’ve been waiting for someone to mention in response to not to blink around the angels: it is really hard not to blink!  She starts closing one eye after the other, which is the reasonable thing to do, I must say.

Anyway, she turns off the monitor during the split second of static and it works!  No more angel!  But she’s got something in her eye…

The Doc and River get her out of there, and the whole company moves out through the caves, called the “Maze of the Dead,” to find the angels.  There’s a bunch of non-angel statues and the assume they’re of the former indigenous people.  But since they had two heads and  the statues only have one, they figure out that they’re really just old, decrepit angels.  And they’ve been killing the “clerics” (aka soldiers) one by one.  And the light’s starting to go out, since they’re getting more powerful with the energy from the crashed ship.  Also, Amy thinks her hand is stone, but only when she looks at it (ha, angels!), so the Doctor gets her to move her non-stone hand by biting it.

Since the angels have now killed sacred Bob, they’re using his voice to talk to them all through the walkie talkies, telling them that the angels have them surrounded and will kill them all.  Except it’s the Doctor, so he’s got a plan…


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