The Rebel Flesh

Program Note:  Since we’re getting down to the wire, and still have a few episodes to go, I’ve decided I’m going to do a Doctor Who marathon of sorts.  This Sunday, March 24th, I’ll be churning out more Doctor Who than normal in an attempt to get ready for the new episode of Season 7, next Saturday, March 30th.  That’s right, Who Day is almost here!   In honor of that blessed day, here is a trailer of the upcoming episodes.  Enjoy!

Okay, on to The Rebel Flesh.

The Doctor, after having seen that Amy is alternately pregnant and not pregnant, offers that they go get some fish and chips.  But, the TARDIS is caught in a “solar tsunami” (it makes me happy that this is a real thing, although it’s called a Moreton Wave) and they end up on Earth about a hundred years in the future, at a castle on an island.  They go inside and find this crew that deals with a very corrosive acid by making doppelgängers (or “Gangers”) of themselves out of “Flesh” – a self-replicating substance that’s all the rage in the 22nd century.  The Doc offers to take them in the TARDIS away from the island for the solar storm, but they turn him down, so he heads to disconnect the “solar collector.”  While doing so, he accidentally shocks himself and everyone goes unconscious.  They wake up an hour later, according to one of the crew, and the gangers are nowhere to be found.

But, the corrosive stuff has gotten rid of the TARDIS for them and the Doctor is convinced they’ve been out of it for more than an hour.  Out of this realization comes another: two of the crew are not actually the crew, they’re the gangers, meaning gangers have become beings in their own rights.  Creepy, huh?  Well, they go into this weird looking state too, so it is possible to tell who is who, but not exactly easy…  The gangers share the same memories with their humans, except they’re also aware they’re gangers.  One of them, Jennifer, befriends Rory while the others plot to kill their human counterparts, partially because their human counterparts also want to kill their gangers.  It’s a little confusing…

The Doc tries to make everyone friends, but one of the crew kills a ganger, which ruins everything!  Ugh.  And Jennifer the ganger hunts down her human, then screams to get Rory to come find her.  And Amy sees this weird lady with an eye patch who’s been randomly showing up on walls.  Anyway, while the Doctor and everyone else are running away, they run into another ganger: a Doctor ganger!


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