A Good Man Goes to War

Demons run when a good man goes to war…

Remember last time how Amy was about to give birth? Unsurprisingly, the Doctor and Rory are using every means possible to find her and rescue her and now this baby too. The Doctor calls in some favors: we meet up with Vastra, a silurian that the Doctor helped at some point, and her partner Jenny Flint, a Sontaran nurse, and a black-market trader. And Rory, in Roman garb, tries to get River, but she says she can’t be at Demon’s Run (the place where they’re keeping Amy) until the end. Oh well, he’s got an army already, time to infiltrate Demon’s Run and get her and baby out!

We learn a little about the people keeping her captive, like Madam Kovarian aka the eye patch lady Amy kept seeing. And Lorna, who’s from the Gamma forests and saw the Doctor as a child and gives Amy a cloth with the baby’s name on it in Gamma, or whatever. The baby, by the way, is Melody Pond, and Amy warns Lorna that the Doctor will come and rescue her.

And he does! The whole place is meeting with the headless monks (actually without heads) and the Doctor shows up as a monk. The army turns against all the headless monks and the leader convinces them to put down their weapons because the Doctor is trying to use their own fear against them. But Rory and the Doctor used this opportunity to take down the whole ship.

Then we have a super adorable scene with Rory bringing in baby Melody and they have the cutest family moment. Which the Doctor crashes. I read somewhere about how the relationship between the Ponds and Eleven is this very adult friendship. There are moments where Rory is slightly threatened by Amy and the Doctor’s friendship, but the love between Rory and Amy is so apparent and real that the point is basically moot.

Ok, back on topic. During this touching moment, the Doctor is figuring out that Melody has both human and time lord DNA because she was conceived on the TARDIS. Guess Rory and Amy were busy on their wedding night… But before they can do much else, the headless monks put a force field around the TARDIS and attack. Madame Kovarian appears to the baby and the baby disappears before their eyes – she was only a baby ganger.

But the Doctor is stick and can’t help until its all over when people are mortally wounded and Amy is inconsolable. Then, way too late, River shows up. The Doctor gets mad at her for not showing up earlier, but then she shows him the baby crib that was both the Doctor’s and River’s, and he figures out who she really is. See, the prayer cloth that Lorna gave to Amy, with Melody’s name in Gamma, took a while to translate. In the Gamma forests, they only have a river, no pond, so the name shows up instead of Melody Pond, as River Song.

River Song is Amy and Rory’s daughter.


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