Night Terrors

And our day of Who begins, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Or more accurately, with a whisper.  We meet George, a scared little kid who seems to have “monsters” in his cupboard.  And his cry for help for someone to help with the monsters ends up on the Doctor’s psychic paper, so he decides to investigate.  Problem is, when our motly crew show up at the housing project (I’m guessing that’s the American version of a council estate) and the kid could literally be anywhere, so they go door to door asking about strange happenings.  Eventually the Doctor finds one door where he doesn’t even have to ask anything, he just says he’s the Doctor and George’s dad Alex asks if he’s the social worker his wife was going to get.  The Doctor looks through photo albums and hangs out with George and expects to find something terrifying in the cupboard, but only finds toys that George is afraid of.

In the meantime, Amy and Rory take the elevator and accidentally take the fast car to crazytown, where giant dolls are chasing them around a lifesize dollhouse.  They figure that out when everything, including the pots and pans, are made of wood.  Oh, and the old lady who was complaining earlier about the trash cans being far away and the elevator broken (I guess she knew something was up) gets pulled into the pile of trash and somehow ends up in the lifesized dollhouse with Amy and Rory.  Back at George’s, the Doctor finally figures out that something’s not adding up from the photo albums: a month before George’s birth, his parents were at a party drinking and the mom was very not pregnant.  Somehow George’s dad has overlooked it all these years and can’t figure it out, but the Doctor’s already moved on to trying to figure out what George is.

Then the scary landlord with the dog shows up, demanding late rent from George’s dad.  Since him and the dog are thing that scares George (this is starting to be a trend) he ends up sinking into the floor and ending up in the dollhouse too.  Oh, and the giant dolls have started chasing Amy and Rory and singing a pretty scary song (I’m with George on that one) and after they touch the dog guy, he turns into another creepy giant doll.  So basically things aren’t looking good for them.  And the Doctor has very little idea of what’s going on, just that he needs to stop things.  So, how do you do that?

Well, apparently you just tell everyone what’s going on and make this kid, who’s really an alien, so scared of the revelation that he puts you in the cupboard/creepy dollhouse too.  George the alien was using a perception filter to make his new parents think he was their son.  So now the Doctor and the dad are in the dollhouse and Amy turned into a doll, so now it’s the Doctor, Rory, and George’s dad against the dolls.  The Doctor and George’s dad call out to George to get him to open the cupboard and literally face his fears.  But George is still scared his parents are going to send him away, so the scary dolls start up again.  But his dad rushes over to him and tells him they would never give him away – alien or not, he’s their son.  And it all goes away and everyone shows back up in the real world.

Oh, and the mom shows back up in the morning while the Doctor, George, and his dad are all making breakfast – they didn’t really explain why she was out all night, but they tell her everything’s better again.  The Doc leaves for Rory and Amy and they’re off once more…


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