The Girl Who Waited

So, I’ve said a lot of times that other episodes are my favorite, and it’s true. A Christmas Carol is my favorite Christmas special, hands down. Blink is a phenomenal episode and the one with the scariest villains of all time (they can’t move when you look at them – how you can make a truly terrifying villain out of that is incredible). And then there’s this episode. There’s nothing really special about the storyline, per say. And it didn’t win any awards (leave that to The Doctor’s Wife cause Neil Gaiman is the bomb and will be back for an episode in the 7th season). But this episode, where we see an older, jaded Amy? Not only is she totally badass, but she’s smart and even made her own sonic screwdriver! Okay, I’ll stop obsessing a bit, but if I ever cosplay, I’ve already decided I’m making a Girl Who Waited costume… The one on the right, of course.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 9.21.22 AM

The episode starts off with all three of our heroes going to Apalapucia for a vacation. I guess it’s like Florida? Anyway, Rory and the Doctor hop out while Amy’s busy with something and press a red button, leading them into a room with an oversized magnifying glass. The door closes behind them, so Rory yells out to Amy to press the button. Unfortunately, she presses the only other button and ends up in the same waiting room, but no Rory or Doctor to be found. The Doc plays around with the sonic screwdriver and the magnifying glass while it appears as though time goes forward for Amy and not for the Doctor and Rory. She yells at them that she’s been waiting a week and the Doctor knows something is wrong. Rory goes back outside the room and presses the other button, but it’s too late – Amy is in the future and the room is empty. So he goes back in and the Doctor takes the magnifying glass off the table and it disappears in Amy’s world, because the Doctor’s world was Amy’s past.

Then they learn that this is all because there was a horrible disease called Chen7 that kills anything with two hearts in 24 hours. Amy and Rory are obviously immune, but the kindness robots don’t know that and go towards them telling them that they are giving them a kindness – really giving them tranquilizers and medicines for the disease, which would kill them. After talking to the voice Amy escapes them and ends up in the control area. When she hides above a vent, the robots can’t see her. Then Amy starts talking to the omnipotent voice of the interface and explores while asking about the place – what happened, why can’t the robots see her above the vent, etc. So she figures out if she waits inside the vents for Rory and the Doctor, the robots won’t get to her. And they told her back in the waiting room that they were coming for her and to wait, so wait she does.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 8.59.32 AM

And wait and wait and wait. To Rory and the Doctor it’s only minutes later, but to Amy, well, it’s been a while. The Doctor gives Rory a pair of glasses to wear that are kind of like Google Glass, seeing everything he sees on a monitor. Remember the disease affects beings with two hearts? That would be the Doctor… And that kind of makes the rest of this episode into a “doctor lite” episode, like Turn Left. Rory goes after Amy with glasses on his face and giant magnifying glass in hand, since the magnifying glass is tied to the point in the past when Amy hid and waited.

Then we run into Amy, who has kind of turned Michonne-esque.

amy michonne

Yeah Walking Dead reference…  Anyway, Rory shows up and immediately is attacked by the robots, then some crazy woman with weird white armor.  Wait, it’s Amy!  She’s had some time to figure things out – 40 years to be exact.  She’s more than a little pissed at the Doctor and Rory for not coming sooner, but we learn that she still loves Rory, since she has a robot with its arms chopped off that she calls Rory.  It’s kind of cute.  Anyway, she convinces Rory to save her along with the younger Amy, when they bring her back.  They find her hiding out near the vents and they bring her to the present in a pretty cool way – they each think one thought simultaneously.  It’s the macarena, maybe it has something to do with her and Rory?  Regardless it works and they have to get out of there, and quick.  They head to the gallery, but the controls are all locked, so Amy uses her sonic probe (ok, it’s a screwdriver) to get them there, where the TARDIS is waiting.  Old Amy sends Rory and young tranquilized Amy ahead while she battles more robots, then the Doctor shuts the door on old Amy.   Yes, he locked her in this world.  But since they rescued Amy, it never happened.  Big paradox there and soon she’ll never have existed, I’m sure.  But it’s heartbreaking to see.

But young Amy misses all this and so still believes in the Doctor.  This will be important in the next episode, believe me…


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