The God Complex

So, I don’t know how much others liked this episode, and most of it is pretty bizarre and has a lot of feelings about religion in general, but I love how it all takes place in this super retro hotel. And no one questions that, not really. Okay, maybe for a second at the beginning when our pals run into the ragtag team of believers…


And that’s what this whole episode is about: belief. We see that people in this 70’s hotel die after preaching their belief and “praising” someone (or something).

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory end up in this strange hotel and are immediately attacked by a woman in scrubs, a nerdy guy, and an alien of some sort. Turns out they were all brought here at the same time and have already lost one of their number, at least ideologically. The Doctor is all excited at first, but his mood dampens when the TARDIS disappears and they’re stuck there as well… The three new guys take them to see the fourth, a guy they’ve had to tie to a chair in a ballroom of ventriloquist dummies – it’s creepy – and hear him talking about dedicating his life to some higher power. Apparently that’s what happens to people here: they see something in a room that they’re inexplicably drawn to then start going crazy religious. Oh, and there’s a Minotaur chasing then down… They see the Minotaur because they bring out ventriloquist guy and he gets free by accident, then it chases him down and kills him.

Anyway, after going through a few rooms, they decide to trap the monster. The nerdy guy went into his room, seeing a gaggle of girls laughing at him, so he’s all religious now and and saying “praise.” So, it uses their fears to make them religious. Using a hair salon and the loudspeaker, they use the nerdy guy’s newfound mania and religion to lead him to the salon, which they lock on all sides. And the Doctor starts talking to it, finding out this is a prison for it and its only waiting to die.

But it finds the nerdy guy, who has convinced the scared alien to let him go and the Minotaur escapes to hunt him down. And once they figure out Rory and the Doctor have been turned away from their rooms, the Doc figures out that it’s using their fears to break their own faith and convert them to the Minotaur. Rory and the Doctor don’t have this faith, but as we saw in The Girl Who Waited, Amy believes in the Doctor, so her room is 8-year-old Amelia waiting for the Doctor. So the Doctor turns the situation on his head, telling Amy things to break her faith: he knew he was playing with her life, that she could die on these adventures, etc. and it works. The hotel becomes a mainframe with the TARDIS right there and they see they’re on a spaceship.

The minotaur dies and the Doctor brings everyone home. Including Amy and Rory, who he drops off on Earth with a new car and house. He’s decided everything is too dangerous for them and goes off on his farewell tour.


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