Closing Time

We’re getting down to the end of our reruns – Doctor Who comes back tonight!  So, let’s say hi to Craig Owens for the last time.

This was the guy from before who had a two story house that ended up being only one, with an alien upstairs.  The power of his love for his friend Sophie, who he’s married to in this episode.  They’ve had a baby named Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All Alfie and the Doctor comes to say hello and go on his way.  But weird things are happening, so he sticks around and gets a job in a shop (a toy store, of course).  He also makes friends with everyone in the mall as well as decides to make Craig his temporary companion.  Well, Craig and baby Alfie.  Oh, by the way, the Doctor speaks baby and tells Craig that the baby calls him “not Mum,” the Doctor “also not Mum,” and everyone else are “peasants.”  Sophie’s out of town for a few days at the beginning of this episode, so it’s just Craig, Alfie and the Doctor going around the mall asking questions.  Craig’s not very good at it…  Eventually they figure out that the Cybermen are involved and have little metal rat-like things, although they’re probably more like piranhas that go on land.

The Doctor goes searching for the Cybermen ship, leaving Craig and Alfie alone, but Craig goes after him and leaves baby Alfie with a woman in the store.  Of course they find the Cybermen and they decide Craig is a good candidate to be turned into a Cyberman and they go through with it.  He becomes one of them!  The process is basically complete, but then over the surveillance system we hear Alfie’s cry.  And that makes him have feelings and reverse the whole process.  Talk about the power of love!  The Cybermen start feeling his emotions too and it overloads their circuits until the spaceship blows up.  Like I said, power of love…

Craig and Alfie are reunited and the Doctor sneaks off to clean the whole house for them (there’s some time travel in there) and Alfie is much more impressed with his dad, now calling him “dad” instead of “not mum.”  Then the Doctor randomly talks to some schoolkids and we jump to River Song, archaeologist, who’s reading these accounts in the future.  And the Silence and eye patch lady (Madame Kovarian) show up and force her into a spacesuit.  It’s time…


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