I’m writing this blog as a kind of companion (ha) to the reboot of Doctor Who.  Each day I’ll watch an episode and write about it.  Sometimes it’ll be more like a synopsis, sometimes more commentary on the people and themes of Doctor Who, and some will just be my random observations.  Like my observations on Harriet Jones.  Because why not?  I tend to post them in the morning around 10, but use your sonic screwdriver to subscribe if you want to get each one!

Technical notes: most of the episodes can be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime, except a few Christmas specials (Amazon Prime here, and here, Netflix herehere, and here) are only on one or the other, and the first 6 episodes of season 7 and the newest Christmas special are only playing on BBC/BBC America. Or you can try downloading them from a number of not-as-legal sources, but I’m not going to recommend them here… The Internet tells me that the rest of season 7 will begin airing in April, so I will review an episode a day (90 in all) January 1 through March 31. Then I’ll cross my fingers and hope that season 7 starts on April 1… Or it’ll be the best April Fools joke ever.



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