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David Tennant’s coming back!

Ok, so it’s just for the 50th anniversary.  And Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) too! In case you’re wondering, this is no April Fools, they’re actually coming back.  So in their honor (especially Ten’s), here’s a video of the entire cast of the last episode of Ten lip syncing to 500 Miles.  Enjoy!  There’s a lot … Continue reading

Historical Accuracy in Doctor Who

Today I was reading this article about (misused) historical vocabulary and it really hit a chord with me, especially in terms of how Doctor Who gets around it.  They very nicely explain why the TARDIS is forever a policebox even though they no longer populate the UK (damn chameleon circuit!) and how everyone seems to … Continue reading

The International Doctor

So…  This isn’t an episode of Doctor Who (although, wouldn’t that be a great title for it?), but I found this on the internet and thought it was pretty cool. You should all know by now about the TARDIS’s awesome translation abilities.  But for us humans living in a time and place where the TARDIS … Continue reading

The Doctor’s Daughter

The Doctor’s Daughter

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of excited to get to this one because, well, you just know there was some serious matchmaking going on during the filming of this. I mean, just look at how cute these two are! So on the right is of course our favorite, Ten, and on the … Continue reading

The Doctor and Rose Immortalized on iPads

So, I was bumming around the internet and came across this picture.  Apparently at an Apple store, someone decided to take the final scene between Rose and the Doctor in the Doomsday episode.  I already showed you the best GIF ever, and here’s the best display of Rose and the Doctor using iPads.  Enjoy! [via … Continue reading

Ten is a figurine!

Ten is a figurine!

So, I didn’t intend on putting additional posts on this, other than episodes of an awesome TV show. But for Ten, I’ll make an exception… I saw today on one of my geek blogs, The Mary Sue, that there is going to be a special 50th anniversary Ten doll! I normally wouldn’t get so excited … Continue reading